Monday, December 23, 2013

No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket

It's almost Christmas! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I made this fleece blanket for my sister for part of her Christmas gift. My friend made me one as a gift previously and I wanted to try one out for Rachel. She loves laying on the couch covered in blankets and since I got more than two yards of fleece, it will also be large enough for her to throw on her bed. She is studying aeronautical engineering which is why I chose the purple cosmic fleece. Turquoise is also one of her favorite colors. 

First, buy no pill fleece from your local fabric store (or Wal-mart). I asked for 2 yards but got more for free since one fabric was close to the end of the roll, which was awesome! Jo-Ann fabrics had all their fleece 50% off and had an additional 25% your entire purchase. Find a coupon, seriously!

Second, lay the fabrics on top of each other completely flat. Make sure you have no bumps or clumps of fabric. Cut any excess fabric along the edges so each piece of fabric is even in length and width. 
Third, Cut a 4x4 inch square out of paper or cardboard. Lay on each corner of your fleece blanket and outline to cut out the square. Once you have cut the squares in each of the corners, cut the cardboard so that it as wide as you want your ties. This will ensure that each tie will be 4 inches in length. Try to measure the fabric before determining the width of your ties to ensure one wont be super small. Mine were 1.5 inches.

Fourth, Once you have cut all the ties, you can begin tying them together for the basic version or continue reading for a different version. Flip the top fleece layer as depicted above. At the base of the ties, cut a small slit where you will pull the bottom layer ties through. Once you have the bottom tie pulled through the top layer tie, tie in a knot and then another for a double knot that won't fall out. 

Enjoy your fleece blanket! Be sure to re-pin, Thanks!!

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