Saturday, October 27, 2012

Using Glittered Paper for an Easy DIY Glitter Mug

Finally made a glitter mug!!! I first saw this tutorial on pinterest using a Starbucks cup but it was way too complicated (and expensive)! I found this mug on sale at Target  for $5 and it was actually made to put your own image  inside. Instead of dealing with glue and lots of glitter, I bought a sheet of already glittered paper from Michael's ($1 with coupon) and cut out the template  for the 16oz aladdin tumblr. They had tons of cute colors and even had polka dot glittered paper. So now I got my mug and saved time and money, yay! Check out this site for TONS of other glitter ideas... Click Here! I really want to try number 16 to make holiday candles.

DIY Minnie Mouse Costume

Happy (almost) Halloween everyone! I found my costume wandering around Marshall's the other weekend when I stumbled upon a silky red and white polka dot tank for $10. It just looked so Minnie Mouse I figured I could easily make it into a costume. I already had a black skirt and heels to go with it so the only other piece I needed was her ears. You can always just wear a red or black dress/skirt/top and put them with the ears for an instant costume! I got the headband from Target (2 for $1) and the felt and ribbon from Michael's craft stores ($4). 

I used a cup to trace the circles onto the back of the peel-and-stick felt. Connect the two circles with a rectangle, which will hold them onto your headband (the larger the headband, the bigger your rectangle will have to be). After you cut out the template, align the ears onto the headband, the rectangle sticking to your headband, and fold the ears over onto each other. It was hard to align them perfectly so I just did the best I could and it turned out fine :). If you have ribbon, tie a bow onto the center in between the ears and hot glue the ribbon so it won't come undone. (I found a tutorial on YouTube to learn how to tie the bow).

Monday, October 22, 2012

Decorating My Apartment Bedroom

Here are some pictures from my apartment. I nailed the pallet shelf above my desk and added my chevron mirrors to add a little pop. I replaced my closet door with the ruffle curtain to open up space. The overhead light is pretty harsh so I like to soften it up with the twinkly lights and my desk lamp. The wooden picture frame was made by my boyfriend and I painted it to match the color scheme. Hope you all enjoy! 

Pumpkins, Apples, and Markets.. Oh My!

I love all these pictures because they are so perfectly fall! The pumpkins the wood and all of the autumn goodies. I also got to go apple picking and I can't wait to try to bake my very first apple pie.

Now, the last matter of business is to carve a pumpkin. I love these two stencils and I hope I can find time to carve some pumpkins this weekend!

Owl pumpkin template from HGTV

Find cute kitty printable template here!