Saturday, October 27, 2012

DIY Minnie Mouse Costume

Happy (almost) Halloween everyone! I found my costume wandering around Marshall's the other weekend when I stumbled upon a silky red and white polka dot tank for $10. It just looked so Minnie Mouse I figured I could easily make it into a costume. I already had a black skirt and heels to go with it so the only other piece I needed was her ears. You can always just wear a red or black dress/skirt/top and put them with the ears for an instant costume! I got the headband from Target (2 for $1) and the felt and ribbon from Michael's craft stores ($4). 

I used a cup to trace the circles onto the back of the peel-and-stick felt. Connect the two circles with a rectangle, which will hold them onto your headband (the larger the headband, the bigger your rectangle will have to be). After you cut out the template, align the ears onto the headband, the rectangle sticking to your headband, and fold the ears over onto each other. It was hard to align them perfectly so I just did the best I could and it turned out fine :). If you have ribbon, tie a bow onto the center in between the ears and hot glue the ribbon so it won't come undone. (I found a tutorial on YouTube to learn how to tie the bow).

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  1. That is adorable! I love what you put on your blog! Can't wait for your next thing :)