Friday, January 4, 2013

DIY Wooden Board Signs

Happy New Year! I loved making these boards over Christmas Break and gave most of them away as gifts. These boards can easily be transformed to say any quote in different colors for all seasons or holidays.

1. Most of the boards I used were about 7x11 (about the size of a sheet of paper) but some were a bit smaller. To begin, wipe the boards clean and give them a fresh coat of paint. I usually did about 2-3 coats for each board. 

2. I just used inexpensive acrylic paint on all of the boards. You can find the small bottles at Micheal's for $0.59 each. I also found some small sample paint jars from Lowe's that people had returned and were discounted significantly! 

3. While the paint dries in between layers, you can work on making the words to be stenciled on the board. I used Microsoft Word and created a text box the same size as the board and just messed with the fonts and lettering until I had what I wanted. For two of the boards I found a design online and printed that out to fit the board.

4.After the ink has dried on the paper flip it over and draw over the letters with a pencil. After the letters are covered, flip it back over so that the typed words are facing you. Trace over the words with the pencil and the lead will transfer onto the board. From there, trace the stenciled pencil with paint. (I hand painted mine but a paint pen would have worked perfectly!)

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