Sunday, March 29, 2015

Best "Frosting" Recipe You'll Ever Use

WOW! I can hardly believe it's almost April already. I graduate in less than two months and I have been busy job searching, studying, and working. In celebration of purchasing my own domain name for my blog, I am posting one of my favorite frosting recipes for the perfect light and moist cakes. I used this exact recipe over spring break to make a strawberry cheesecake marble cake. I used boxed marble cake mix and used cheesecake pudding to give the frosting a cheesecake taste.

Prepare cake as instructed and let cool.
Mix 1 cup cold milk with pudding mix,
Stir well until mix begins to thicken.
Pour mix into cool whip and gently stir together.
Spread over room temperature cake and refrigerate.

The frosting holds its shape extremely well and does not run. It is a little more difficult to get a perfectly smooth spread, so this is not the icing to use if that is the result you are going for. I also used this frosting on a hummingbird cake I made. Check it out here! 

Happy Frosting!

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