Monday, May 11, 2015

Graduation Gap

I started by laying out the design I wanted before gluing anything down. Be sure to double and triple check that the cap is facing the right direction!! I hot glued the flowers to a small square of paper then hot glued the paper to the cap.

I used gold stickers to match the purple and gold theme. I printed out the shape of the states so I could align the text properly. For the final copy, I traced the outline of the states on heavier cardstock and used a glue stick to hold them down. I wouldn't advise using the glue stick as it doesn't hold as well as the hot glue does. 

Ta-da! My finished cap! The states represent moving from my home in Virginia to Illinois. GFIT and COB represent my affiliations with Group Fitness and the College of Business, which occupied most of my undergrad time. 

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