Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Very Merry DIY Christmas: Fabric Cross Wood Sign

Welcome back to part two of my Christmas gift series! This beautiful (and easy!) fabric cross is a great piece for gifting. It is relatively inexpensive and thoughtful and you can put your stamp on it, or theirs, to personalize it. Here is what you'll need to complete this DIY: wood, stain, fabric, hot glue, fray-check, ribbon, and nails. A huge thanks to Brooke from Brooke Gordon Designs for helping me with the process! You can check our her wood signs on Etsy.

Check out the time-lapse and then keep scrolling to see the step-by-step pictures!

 The wood boards are 8 inches by 13 inches.
 The stain is called "espresso."
Wipe the excess stain off of the wood. Wear gloves, seriously!
 Let dry at least 24 hours
I purchased the fabric, fray-check, and iron on hem from Michael's.
 Cut two strips for the cross. The vertical strip should 
be slightly wider than the horizontal strip.
 Use iron-on hem to secure the ends of the fabric. 
Apply fray-check to the sides of the fabric.
Hot glue the fabric down (in place) to secure it to the wood.
 Looking good! Almost done!
 Use ribbon to cinch the center of the fabric.
Cut the ends of the ribbon and flip the knot under the fabric. I used a dab of hot glue to secure it down. Lastly, I used nails to secure the fabric to the edges of the wood board.

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