Saturday, August 16, 2014

DIY Fabric Headboard

I'm back at school for my Senior year of college! I have been busy traveling, working, and moving all summer and wish I could have published more content on my blog. Here is a little DIY for a fabric headboard I made for my room. Because I am in college I'm not too concerned with buying a nice expensive headboard but still wanted a way to make my room more comfortable and add some of my personal style to the room.

I bought a yard of fabric, a yard of batting, and a staple gun for this project. I used the wood as my base because my mom had it laying around but my cousin made hers using Styrofoam and there are some tutorials using thick cardboard packaging.

 Measured the fabric for a Full/Double bed, but it may be helpful to buy a little extra fabric depending on how much batting you want to use and the shape of your headboard.
 Be sure to line up the fabric before stapling. Mom and I were too excited to get it completed that we forgot to double check and it was slightly off on one side. Oops! Thankfully I was able to hide that side. 
Here is my finished product and I want to attach some different DIY headboard options for you all! Good luck, I would love for you to share what fabric you found and what shape you use!!

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