Saturday, February 27, 2016

Welcome to the Family!

Long time no see! Since we've spoken last, Jon and I have adopted another beautiful puppy, who I'd love for you to meet. I also started a little side project that they've inspired me to start! All, meet Athena Dean. Her mom was a Shepard Corgi mix, and we are unsure what else she is mixed with.

 We visited her and her sister at the local SPCA. We brought Haven along and she and Athena went together like peanut butter and jelly. Athena's sister got adopted the same day she did. When she first came home she stayed on the floor and off the couch with the family. Then, as time went on, she made her way to the ottoman, and then to our feet, and now she rests her head on our laps as she sleeps. It took some love and trust but she has found her forever home.

Haven and Athena love going to the dog park, sleeping in the bed, playing with each-other, and going on runs. Every time I put my shoes on and put on their harnesses they get so excited and smile so big. Oh, they also love car rides! This year, we even went to the Purina Pet Parade...

I made them flower crown collars for the parade and it turns out other pup parents love them, too! I started selling a few on Etsy but mostly make them because I love to make them. Dogs deserve a little extra attention sometimes :)

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