Sunday, March 6, 2016

Using String Art to Create a Pet Leash Holder


Wooden Board 
Colored Embroidery String 
Nails (I used 1" white panel board nails)
Two-prong hooks 
Hot glue, hammer, printer

Step One: Choose your pattern and print onto paper. Center and tape the paper onto your board.

Step Two: Use a pen to mark where your nails will go. Make sure you use enough to keep the shape of the image you chose!

Step Three: Start nailing those babies in place! About 3/4 the way through, if your board is deep enough. I struggled with some parts of my board being thicker than others due to panels. As long as the nails are sturdy and have enough room to add sting, you're golden.

Step Four: Tie off a section of embroidery string onto a starter nail. Begin by wrapping it around the nail. Move between nails, wrapping it around every few nails. This will keep it all from unwinding if one strand pops off of the nail. The amount of string and times you wrap between nails will affect the look of your string art. 

Finally, glue on your hooks and glue on a string to hang your board from.

I used a rustic board but added a little modern twist with the pop of color. Here are some other options I liked and you can use as inspiration for your own board! Of course you could use these for keys, necklaces, etc. All were found on

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