Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pere Marquette State Park Hike

Date: March 2017
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Weather: 40 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny and clear skies
Photos were taken on my Samsung Galaxy S7
Shoes and raincoat: Merrell

Visitor's Center

This is my third time hiking Pere Marquette because it has beautiful overlooks and is convenient to St. Louis. I've taken the Great River Road each time which is a scenic drive along the Mississippi River. Coming from St. Louis, you will go through downtown Alton and Grafton. Once you arrive at the visitor's center, I have always gone up the wood stairs on the left side (Dogwood trail) to reach McAdams Peak. It is approximately a 20-30 minute hike up to the overlook. There are multiple routes back down you can take (Ravine or Hickory to Oak which intercepts the road back down to the visitor's center), or utilize others to extend the hike duration. The trails are pet friendly and I've brought my pups twice. I would always recommend stopping for ice cream at a local shop in downtown Grafton, or eating at Grafton Winery or The Loading Dock (which is right on the river).

 Dogwood Trailhead
Last Upward Stretch to the Overlook
McAdam's Peak Overlook View

McAdams Peak Overlook

Hike Buddies

Overlooking the Mississippi

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