Saturday, June 9, 2012

DIY Customized Mason Jar Party Favors

Hey everyone! So this Friday is my Birthday and after dinner I invited some close friends over to celebrate my boyfriend and I's birthday (we're only a week apart!). I wanted to do something simple that they could use at the party and then take home with them as a favor. I  think mason jars are super cute and this gift is soooo easy and customized for each guest.

I found the chevron pattern through an HGTV printable and used a photo edit site to put the names in the print.

Find the chevron and many more free printables here: ( and used to edit them.

After sizing the lid and printing the tags, I used a box cutter to cut around the lid to get the size perfect. Glued them on with a glue stick (it actually worked better than mod podge!) and let dry.

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