Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY Decorative Cake Platter

What you'll need: tissue paper (or any decorative paper), scissors, hot glue gun, white paper, mod podge, sponge brush, water proofing spray, pan, and a sturdy (and non-breakable) party glass.

I started by buying a round pizza pan from the dollar store and gluing white printer paper to cover the pan to ensure the tissue paper would be bright. I cut the colorful pieces of tissue into different sized strips and arranged them in the order I liked. I put down a base layer of mod podge and placed the strips down to the platter. Once they were all set, I carefully put a top coat of mod podge over the tissue, but be very careful as the tissue is very fragile (I had to go over some tear spots with fresh strips of tissue). 

Then, I bought a plastic drinking glass from Michael's craft store and glued it to the bottom of the pan using a hot glue gun. Now I have a cake platter with my own design instead of a store bought plate! 

Total cost of this project:
because I already had the hot glue gun, tissue paper, mod podge, and spray,
my only expenses were...
Round Pizza Pan: $1.05
Margarita Glass: $1.49

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