Sunday, August 5, 2012

DIY Pallet Shelf

 Hey everyone! I'm super excited to post this because I've been working on this pallet shelf for quite some time now and it's finally complete! We started with a plain pallet board and turned it into two shelves and shelf for books.
It took alot of nail removal and sawing to get from this to this....
Stained pallets and Parker's finished pallet with hooks...
After the stain was put on, I realized I really didn't like the color. It was perfect for Parker but too guy-ish for my style. I played around with just leaving it or sanding it down but then I found a tutorial on how to distress painted wood here. I painted them white and distressed it using coarse sand paper and a little bit of steel wool.

Happy with the color and distressing, I went along and started to decorate the pallet. I bought four hooks to hang mason jar lights with at Lowe's for $1.18.

I used wire to hang the jars. They all weren't the same size but I liked how they looked more vintage!
Closer look at the distress/antiqued wood

Now all that's left to do is hang it in my apartment!

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  1. Wow all your post are just amazing. I love this!