Thursday, July 26, 2012

Apartment Ideas

I will be moving into my first apartment at the end of August and I'm super excited to finally put all my ideas into place (hopefully they will all come together). My walls are white and I don't plan on painting them to save myself of having to paint them back white when I move out. I need to find lots of ways to brighten up the small space with pops of color. 

I'd love you put some twinkly lights with some lanterns or tissue flowers

Due to the lack of space, I'm going to need lots of practical storage options. I have a bookshelf that will help open up some space storing books, etc. but I'm still looking for ideas on how to upgrade the plain light brown wood. These are some storage ideas for the walls and the shelves:

Now for the curtains... I have a fairly large closet but the closet door is massive. When the door is open, you can hardly walk in the room. So to fix this problem I'm taking down the door, storing it under the bed, and putting up curtains to hide the mess of clothes. Because this curtain is more textured I'm not sure what curtains I should do over the windows... hmm, any ideas?

These are the curtains I bought

This was my inspiration

I also don't have a headboard so to add some decoration above my bed, I'm going to hang (very securely!) a pallet shelf. I've already made it and painted it.. but that's going to be it's own post! On the bottom I'm going to hang mason jars and place candles in them for some light. I'm going to distress the painted pallet and maybe add some vintage-looking knobs to hang the lights from.

For the bathroom my roommate and I were considering a nautical theme. Here are some ideas were playing with (but in our own patterns and colors, of course!) 

And last but not least, some kitchen ideas. 

Polka dot plates!
which I will be monogramming, of course

Please comment with any ideas or suggestions for color schemes or storage options or just anything really! Hope you enjoyed some of my apartment ideas :)

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