Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine Candygram [13oz or less]

 As much as I love to make handmade cards, I couldn't help but to use the idea to mail packaged candy as a card. Since these boxes are under 13oz or less, you can send them off with first class postage! Find tons of other "happy mail" ideas here.

I bought the candy at Wal-Mart for 98 cents!

I found some scrap paper and cut it to match the size of the box. 
I tried to make mine look more like a postcard!
a glue stick held it on, but I'm going to cover it with packaging tape 
to keep it from ripping before shipping them off!

Happy early Valentine's Day!

Just a quick update:
I sent the candy grams yesterday without any problems
they both cost right around $2.50 (2.49 and 2.66 to be exact!)
the Twizzlers box had to use stamps as to not cover the address
and the lifesavers used a printed mailing stamp slapped right on the angled flap

Make sure you ask your clerk for Valentine's stamps for extra festiveness!
I forgot..oops :)

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