Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Holiday Thanksgiving and Christmas 2-in-1 Banner

This fun and festive paper banner will add holiday cheer to any room and will save you time with a free template that I made!

All the stores roll the Holiday season into one big event, so hey, why can't we make life a little bit easier and do the same?! Using one side of the banner for Thanksgiving and the other for Christmas is a simple way to quickly redecorate without the time or trouble. Simply open the attachment and enlarge the image so that the letters are the size you prefer. I was able to print about 4 letters on a sheet of paper (portrait orientation) for the size seen above.

Thanksgiving printable requires 12 paper banners

The Christmas banner requires 13. I will be adding the snowflake after thanksgiving!

1. Save the images above to your desktop. Print the images and cut them out.

2. Measure the letters and choose the correct size banner so that the largest letter will fit on the banner. Cut the banners by adding about 2-3' below the text then cutting up into the middle from both sides. 
3. Glue your text onto the banner (I used a poster board for thicker paper) and punch holes. Make sure you glue the Christmas side opposite so when you flip it around, it reads from left to right. I used twine rope to hang it over my mantle. 

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