Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Weekend Project: Bathroom Update

As a renter, there isn't much to be done in terms of updates to the property. However, there is still room for improvement! With a few nail holes, you can transform an entire space! Our downstairs half-bath faces the family room so it's all too easy to see into the plain space. I used the wooden floating shelf as inspiration for this update (check it out here). The wooden boards were very inexpensive, and not the best quality :). I made sure any marks or bumps would be on the bottom or against the wall. It took two coats of black spray paint to get the look I wanted. I also accidentally used black metallic on the first coat, oops! 

After letting both boards dry, I eye-balled where I wanted the shelves to be, and screwed in the L brackets (aka corner braces); first to the boards, and then onto the wall. There is about 2 inches of space on either end. From far away, it gives the illusion that the boards are flush with the wall. You can find those in the hinge and fasteners section of any hardware store. Because I am not placing anything heavy or valuable on the shelf, the two L brackets will hold it easily. If you are using heavier wood or heavy objects, check out some tutorials below. I used decorations I already had around the house and incorporated them into the design. This project took me less than an hour and makes a huge difference! I really feel that it gives it a more home-y feel and it doesn't look all that stark and bland anymore!

Here are a few more DIY floating shelves to inspire your next project!

Chunky Shelves by Desert Domicle
Corner Shelves by 4 Men 1 Lady
White Shelves by BlogLovin

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